Butterfly  - Premium & Nutritious Whole grains for a healthier you


Our Butterfly Brand range of grains was launched in 1995 and since then has become the number one in branded packaged grains across the country.


Butterfly Premium Whole grains are densely packed with nutrition and health. Whole grains are the richest source of dietary fibers, help in lowering the risk of most chronic diseases, are great health-builders and a universally opted source for weight management.


Whole grains are more nutritious and wholesome than refined grains because in whole grains all 3 parts of the grain are retained giving you Antioxidants, B vitamins and fiber contained in the bran; Multi vitamins, along with protein, minerals and healthy fats contained in the seed; Carbohydrates and smaller amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals present in the endosperm which is the seed’s food supply.


The High premium product quality of Butterfly Whole Grains is ensured by selecting only the best quality in terms of fineness, texture, maturity and moisture content thereby retaining the natural taste and nutritional value.


Butterfly Premium Whole Grains are 100% SORTEXED, i.e polished, cleaned, carefully picked and color-sorted by imported computerized ultramodern machinery to ensure that all impurities are removed and the natural goodness is retained.