Butterfly Flours 


Our Butterfly Atta Brand is over forty years old, first appearing in the Kenyan Market in 1974. Since then Butterfly has become the number one in branded packaged atta across the country.


A) Butterfly Atta Mark 1

Premium quality atta with 100% whole wheat  for a healthier you.

The High product quality of Butterfly Atta Mark 1 is ensured by selecting only the best quality wheat grains in terms of fineness, texture, maturity and moisture content thereby retaining the natural taste and nutritional value. The dough made from Butterfly Atta absorbs more water giving you fluffy chapatis which remain softer for longer. 

Benefits of Whole wheat grain 


• Bran – Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals

• Germ – Rich in iron and nutrients

• Endosperm – Rich in carbohydrates and proteins.




B) Butterfly Premium Atta


Packed with the goodness of whole wheat grain for whiter and softer chapatis.

Finely milled for a whiter, smoother and finer texture Butterfly Premium Atta gives you chapattis that are whiter and softer.